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The Quest Error Manager (QEM) is a framework that will help you standardize the management of errors in a PL/SQL-based application.


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With QEM, you can register, raise and report on errors through an API that makes it easy for all developers to perform error management in the same way, with a minimum amount of effort. Error information is logged into the instance (general information about the error) and context (application-specific name-value pairs) tables. You should install QEM separately for each application you build. QEM also offers programs that: substitute for DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE; trace execution of your application; and assert or validate assumptions.

Quest Error Manager is a freeware product. Quest Support does not support this product.

QEM is an excellent Error Manager Framework, which helps me a lot to find bugs or to figure out what happens when an error occured.
This package comes with a helpful documentation and some sql demos.


Download this file ( kB

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It's fantastic that I am getting ideas from this post.
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